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Compassionate, Evidence-Based Leadership

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I am a mother of a young son, a wife, and a passionate community advocate. My family includes Barrie. I was born and raised in Barrie, and that is why we purchased our home here almost 20 years ago.

Dedicated to serving the community, I’m here to support and uplift all residents of Ward 4 with compassionate, evidence-based solutions to the challenges we all face.

Self-taught in digital marketing, I have owned small businesses and managed departments in non-profits and multinational corporations.

Currently, I serve as the Vice Chair for CARP Barrie & Area and the Co-Chair of the Seniors Community Fund for Seniors living in poverty. I am also a co-founder of Politics for Women, a non-partisan educational organization. In addition, I have helped raise more than 300,000 pounds of food for the Barrie Food Bank through grassroots initiatives.

300,000 pounds of food for the Barrie Food Bank through grassroots initiatives.



Improve safety of neighbourhoods by prioritizing active transportation for Children, Seniors and People with Disabilities.

Reduce morning pressure on parents and the increased danger in school zones by providing safe, nearby drop-off points and alternatives, like walking school buses.

Use traffic-calming measures beyond speed bumps. More enforcement for traffic violations in residential areas. Lower speed limits and more crosswalks near public parks and residential areas with heavy foot traffic.

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Work with our community partners to find compassionate, evidence-based solutions to our homelessness crisis.

Supporting a ‘Housing First’ approach by working to provide transitional, supportive housing and a coordinated system of care to end homelessness.

Supporting our community partners to ensure that all of our unhoused neighbours have ample, accessible emergency cooling and warming facilities.


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Partner with local business organizations to create a program to encourage and promote employers that pay a living wage.

Promote non-profit engagement in the housing market, including the acquisition of multi-unit residential buildings by non-profits.

Improve public transit and advocate for lower fees for community services for the elderly and people living in poverty.